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“Les Fleurs Du Mal”

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The French poet Charles Baudelaire had his volume of poems “Les Fleurs du Mal” (The Flowers of Evil) first published in 1857. The volume was a collection of poems he had written in prior years with the intention to call the volume Les Lesbiennes or Les Limbes until a friend suggested Les Fleurs du Mal. Another friend, Auguste Poulet-Malassis, published 1100 copies of the volume and they appeared in Parisian book shops in June 1857. By July the French government condemned the books as immoral and depraved and in August the French Courts acknowledged the literary merits of the book, but ordered 6 of the pieces to be deleted on moral grounds. Over the years the book has been published in many languages throughout the world.

This suite of 26 handcolored pochoir plates, touched with gilt, by Andre Domin is 1 of 100 sets edited by Rene Kiefer.